Fun Facts About the Broadway Musical the Little Mermaid

by Jessica Ring

"The Little Mermaid" is a Broadway musical based on the Disney film of the same name. Produced by Disney Theatrical, "The Little Mermaid" opened in January 2008 and closed in August 2009. Suitable for children and adults, the show features a brand new musical score and a few plot changes from the iconic film.

Plot Changes

The musical has some key plot changes compared to the film. In the musical, Ursula is actually King Triton's sister. Early versions of the film had Ursula listed as King Triton's sister as well. Ursula and Triton are also equal in power, with the oceans divided equally between them upon the death of their father, Poseidon. "The World Above" musical number replaces the movie's introduction of a shark chasing Ariel and Flounder.


Although "The Little Mermaid" gained generally mixed reviews, the musical received a handful of award nominations. Sierra Boggess won Favorite Breakthrough Performance for the 9th Annual Audience Awards. The musical earned nominations for Best Original Score and Best Lighting Design for the 62nd Tony Awards. The show also received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Musical Show Album.

Denver and Broadway Run

The Little Mermaid's pre-Broadway tryout was at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver. The show sold out for its six-week preview run from July through September 2007. The Broadway run closed on August 30, 2009, after 685 performances.

Other Productions

Since closing on Broadway, there have been local and international productions of "The Little Mermaid." Production companies in Israel, the Philippines and Brazil have secured the rights. As of June 2011, there were regional productions scheduled in various U.S. cities, and Stage Entertainment planned to produce its own version of the musical.

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