A Full Synopsis of the Movie "Twilight"

by Paula McCullough
The stars of Twilight include Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

The stars of Twilight include Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

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Even if you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you have probably heard of the Twilight Saga. The first movie based on the series of books by Stephanie Meyers, Twilight, details the beginning of the unconventional romantic relationship between Isabella Swan, human, and Edward Cullen, vampire.

Just "Bella"

Isabella, "Bella," moves from sunny Arizona to drippy Washington state to live with her father so that her mother can be free to travel with her new husband. Shortly after arriving in Forks, Bella sees the Cullens. A family made up of doctor, wife and five adopted children, they are incredibly attractive and keep to themselves. Edward Cullen shows an immense dislike of Bella and disappears for several weeks.

I'm Edward

After returning, Edward introduces himself to Bella as if nothing has happened. Edward's mood swings give Bella whiplash as he bounces between friendly and sniping. When a van hits ice and nearly slams into Bella, she witnesses his inhuman speed and strength. When she questions Edward about it, he insists she is mistaken about what she saw. She is determined to know the truth, however, and seeks out information about the elusive Cullen family.

Jacob Black

Jacob, the son of Bella's father's friend and a Native American, is smitten with Bella. When Bella presses Jacob for information on the Cullens, she learns that tribal legends call them "Cold Ones" and that as long as the Cullens stay off tribal land, the tribe has agreed not to reveal them for what they are. Bella begins to suspect the Cullens are vampires.

You Don't Know What They Were Thinking

Bella goes out of town with friends to visit a Native American bookstore. While separated from her friends, she is accosted by a group of men who intend to harm her. Edward appears and rescues Bella, who wonders how he knew where she was. Edward admits he has the ability to read the minds of everyone but Bella. He declares that he is no longer strong enough to stay away from her. Bella touches his hand and finds that his skin is ice cold.

Say It Out Loud

Bella tells Edward she knows he is a vampire. He warns her that he is dangerous and that he thirsts so badly for her blood that he may kill her. She trusts that he will not hurt her, and so begins their unusual relationship. Edward takes her home to meet his family and eventually feels strong enough to move in for a kiss. Edward takes Bella to an unusual ballgame played by his family where their super speed and immense power are made evident. The game is interrupted by group of nomadic vampires, one of whom, James, gets wind of Bella and enjoys the protective reaction of Edward. The Cullens' main objective becomes protecting Bella from James until they can kill him. Bella flees to Arizona for safety.

Bella, Where Are You?

In Arizona, James lures Bella into meeting him alone. James bites Bella's arm before the Cullens arrive and kill him. Edward must choose whether to allow her to "turn" or to suck the vampire venom from her blood. To save her from the cursed life he leads, he decides the latter and his strength is tested when it comes time to stop sucking. He does, and Bella recovers from the ordeal still human. The movie ends with Bella telling Edward that she wants to become a vampire so that she can live forever with him, while Victoria, James's mourning girlfriend, watches them in secret, plotting her revenge.

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