Frogs in the Pond Card Game Rules

by Alex Tannin
Frogs in the Pond is an enjoyable card game

Frogs in the Pond is an enjoyable card game

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"Frogs in the Pond," sometimes known as "Frogpond," is a card game suitable for players of all ages. It shares some similarities with the card game "Hearts" insofar as it is based around players attempting to win "tricks" by playing the highest ranking card of a specific suit, although it has simpler rules that make it suitable for children.

Game Requirements

Frogs in the Pond is played by two to five players, although it works best with an even number. The game also requires a standard 52-card deck of cards, often referred to as a "French deck." The cards in a game of Frogs in the Pond rank from ace as the high card down to two as the lowest card. If four players are playing a game of Frogs in the Pond, two of the twos should be removed from the deck. If three or five players are playing, all twos should be removed.

The Deal

In a four-play gamer, each player is dealt two cards from the deck until every player has a hand of 10 cards. Ten more cards are then dealt face down into the center of the table. These cards are the "Frogs in the Pond" of the game's title. If two players are playing, each player is dealt 17 cards with 17 cards being placed in the pile. If three players are playing, each player should be dealt 13 cards each with 13 in the pile. If five players are playing, eight cards should be dealt each with eight in the pile. Every player in Frogs in the Pond should have the number of cards as are in the central pile.

Points System

The winner in Frogs in the Pond is the first player to amass 100 points. Players gain points by winning specific cards. Players gain 10 points for each 10 card, five points for each five card, four points for each ace, three points for each king, two points for each queen and one point for each jack. Some variants of Frog in the Pond designate the jack of spades as the "tadpole." Players who get the tadpole lose 10 points.


The player seated to the left of the dealer is first to play a card. He puts a card from his hand in the center of the table. Each other player then attempts to play another card of the same suit as the one put down. The player who plays the highest value card in each hand wins all of the cards played in that hand, as well as taking the top card from the central pile. If a player does not follow suit when he is able, he loses 10 points from his score. However, if a player has no cards of the same suit, he can play any card he wishes. Play then continues in a counter-clockwise fashion. The first player to 100 points wins.

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