Fortune Party Ideas

by Donni Jones
Create a fortune-themed party.

Create a fortune-themed party.

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Try an original twist for the theme of your next get together -- something more creative than the ho-hum movie night or cocktail party. A fortune party is centered on a unique theme and can be interpreted in several fun ways, from prizes and décor to food and games.

Delightful Décor

Send out invitations requesting that everyone come have a filthy rich time at your fortune party. Put up streamers and balloons. Draw and color large $100 and $500 bills on construction paper; cut them out and hang on the walls. Have a banner made that says, "I Love Money" or "Welcome, Wealthy Ones!" Set out issues of publications such as "Businessweek," "Money," "Forbes" and "The Economist." Create a table centerpiece by filling two or three mismatched vases with Monopoly money.

Excellent Entertainment

Demonstrate basic origami by instructing guests how to make a crane or a flower using a dollar bill. Have each guest put a dollar in a jar and their name in a hat; draw a name to see who wins the money. Watch a fortune-themed movie: "Wall Street," "Ocean's Eleven," "Casino" or "The Treasure of The Sierra Madre." Have a karaoke competition using relevant songs: "She Works Hard for the Money" by Donna Summer, "Material Girl" by Madonna, "Take the Money and Run" by The Steve Miller Band, "Mo Money Mo Problems" by Notorious B.I.G. and " Gold Digger" by Kanye West.

Good Gifts

Give fortune-themed awards to contest winners. One easy, inexpensive idea is a "pouches of gold" prize: snack-sized Ziploc bags filled with chocolate disks wrapped in gold foil. Find candles or magnets that look like stacks of money, dollar signs or dollar bills. Make your own refrigerator magnet party favors to thank your guests for coming by painting beer bottle caps green, gluing a craft magnet inside and painting a white dollar sign on the front.

Fitting Food

Add a word to the name of each dish to associate it with the fortune party theme. Examples include fortune fruit salad, affluent eggrolls, finance fajitas, prosperous pork sliders, wealthy wasabi rolls and checking chips with debit dip. Use this technique with drinks, too: cash cosmopolitans and money margaritas. Order a cake that looks like a big $50 bill, or bake and frost a batch of cupcakes and pipe words such as "rich," "interest," "gain," "capital" and "well-to-do" on them.

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