Football Party Games for 7-Year-Olds

by Krystal Miller
Plan a few games for your child's next football birthday party.

Plan a few games for your child's next football birthday party.

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Kick a field goal and make it by planning the perfect football party for your 7-year-old. Make the party a huge success by planning football-themed games for the kids to play. Games will keep the children interested and involved in the party. Entice the children to play the games by awarding football-themed prizes and party favors to game winners.

Easy Games

Have the kids sit in a circle and hand one player a football. He must call out a category, such as colors. He will toss the ball to another player in the circle who has three seconds to call out the name of a color. He must say a color within three seconds. Players cannot repeat words within the same category. If a player messes up or cannot think of a word within three seconds, he is out of the game. The last player remaining wins the game. Other category examples include sports, candy bars and fruit.

Relay Races

Mark three lines 10 feet from each other. Divide the players into two teams and have them line up at the first line. Give the first player in each line a football. When you say "Go," the first player in each line must race to the third line, touch the football to the ground, race back to the second line and pass the ball to the next player in line who must do the same thing. The first team to finish the relay race wins the game. Other ideas for the relay race include dribbling the football around cones and shooting the football into buckets.

Football Games

Play a game of flag football by giving the players colorful handkerchiefs to hang from their pants. Follow the same basic rules as football; the team with the most points after 20 minutes wins the game. For an indoor football game, use a brown balloon for the football and have the kids play on their knees. Clear out any furniture and make sure the floor is soft. The team with the most points after 20 minutes wins the game.


Take the children outside and mark a standing line. Each child will throw a football as far as she can from the standing line. Mark the spot where each child's ball lands and award a prize to the player who throws the ball the farthest distance. Another variation is to have the children punt the ball from the line. The child who can punt the ball from the farthest distance wins the game.

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