Football Birthday Party Treat Bag Ideas

by Daniel Cobalt
Party supply and craft stores often stock miniature football helmets.

Party supply and craft stores often stock miniature football helmets.

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Selecting the items for birthday party treat bags depends on financial considerations, age of the participants and the amount of time you want to spend. Bags may contain several items or a single special item. Fortunately, the wide variety of items and possibilities makes it easy to create a bag to delight football enthusiasts at a football-themed birthday party.

Choosing the Bags

Select party treat bags with football decorations to set the mood. In fact, instead of traditional treat bags, you can use plastic footballs designed to hold items. For a group that cheers for the same team, create your own treat bags dedicated to the group's favorite football team. Use stickers to decorate clear or solid-colored plastic treat bags. Design treat bags by applying football- or team-related ink stamps or drawing logos, team names or football symbols on white paper lunch bags.

Souvenirs for Treat Bags

Items readily available for treat bags include football stickers and miniature items such as megaphones, football clappers, helmets, pennants and small footballs with generic decorations or stamped with team logos. Foam hands, water bottles, stadium cups and sun visors with football logos are items party guests can use at a game. It's easy to find team logos, particularly from college sports, on a variety of these items.

Useful Items for Treat Bags

Filling treat bags with useful items featuring football decorations or themes, such as shot glasses, pencils, pens and key chains, helps make them memorable. Put environmentally friendly items into the bags, such as items that will be used up or eaten. Soaps or candles shaped like footballs or decorated with football or team designs fit the bill. Food items include football-shaped candy, chocolates and lollipops. Cut real or artificial leather into football shapes to make your own key chains or coasters to include in the bag.

Special Single Item

Providing collectible items, such as individual or packs of football player cards, old programs and ticket stubs, gives the party members a special treat. Other ideas include a DVD or paperback book about football or famous players; jewelry, such as a pendant, charm or ring; or a ticket or coupon for an upcoming game. If you choose to put a higher-priced single item in the bag, the remainder might contain simple candies and chocolates, particularly football-shaped ones.

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