Food for a Bridal Shower Brunch

by Kathryn Walsh

A bridal shower brunch is the ideal excuse to drink cocktails along with your eggs and bacon. Although brunches should include some breakfast foods, they are generally held around lunch time, so it's fine to serve wine and champagne. Round out the beverage options with coffee and juice. Even if you're serving plenty of pastries, order a cake as well. End the shower by 2:00 so guests can sleep off the sugar high.


Use the wedding’s color scheme as the inspiration for the shower foods. Ask the bride what colors she’s using, then choose foods that match. For instance, if she’s using blue and green, serve a fruit salad made from green melon, grapes and blueberries along with green tea served with small blue umbrellas. One of the most delicious parts of any brunch is pastries, which can be dyed with food coloring. Don't tint your bread and muffins green, since this will have guests whispering about the moldy pastries.


Since a wedding is a time when two families are joining together, honor each person’s family with the foods you serve at the shower. Split the food evenly between the bride's and the groom’s heritage. For instance, if the bride is Southern, serve grits and sweet tea. If the groom is Mexican, serve huevos rancheros and flan. Ask their mothers to provide you with favorite family recipes that would be appropriate for brunch, or ask both families to help make food for the shower.

Local Specialties

Although most of the ladies attending a bridal shower may live locally, chances are a few out-of-towners will show up to celebrate the bride. Show off all the best foods your town has to offer by using all fresh, local ingredients bought from local farms or the farmer's market. For instance, if your town is known for its delicious strawberries, use them in fruit salads, jams and pies. If you live on the water, use fresh seafood to make shrimp cocktail and sushi.

Finger Foods

Brunch often features foods that must be eaten with a knife and fork, but serving a sit-down meal cuts down on the amount of time guests have to mingle. Set up a buffet filled with finger foods and small bites. Deviled eggs, miniature quiches and miniature pastries will all work. For an upscale brunch, serve tea sandwiches made with cream cheese, cucumber and salmon. Cut the sandwiches into small triangles so guests can enjoy them in a few bites.

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