Fondue Party Invitation Wording

by Kyra Sheahan
Throw a fondue party with melted cheeses and chocolates.

Throw a fondue party with melted cheeses and chocolates.

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A fondue party gives you an excuse to release yourself from your dietary restraints and enjoy various melted cheeses and chocolates. When you host a fondue party your guests will expect different types of fondues and foods for dipping but it is important to announce this theme in your invitations so that your guests arrive with a healthy appetite.


A fondue party is a themed party, so let your prospective guests know about this right off the bat. You might title your invitations "Friends and Fondue" or write "Fond of Fondue? Join us for a fondue party!" Getting your fondue theme across is necessary in order for your guests to come prepared. Who knows, you might have a lactose-intolerant friend in your group who will need to bring along some lactase pills before enjoying the melted cheeses and chocolates.

Special Announcement

If you are hosting the fondue party in honor of a special occasion, announce this in the invitation. You could say that this is an anniversary, birthday, engagement or retirement fondue party. Or, if you are hosting the party just because, add humor to your invitation by telling your prospective guests that the reason for the party is because you just feel like eating some cheese and chocolate.

The Details

Now that your prospective guests know that it's a fondue party, they need to know when and where the party will be held. Keep your wording consistent with the theme of your party as you let your guests know the details. For instance, you could write "Dip into the action on Saturday, October 8th, 2011..."


Prospective guests may want to know whether they need to bring anything to the fondue party, such as vegetable platters, fruit trays or French bread for dipping. Let invitees know any special instructions that you have for them towards the bottom of your invitation. If you need them to bring something, you could write "Please feel free to bring your favorite veggies and fruits to dip."


Your invitations should include information on whom your prospective guests should RSVP to. Provide the contact name and telephone number and tell invitees to respond with a yes or no answer by a certain date. Again, put together wording that is creative and draws from the fondue theme, such as "Please contact Fran the Fondue Fairy at..." or "Call Cheesy Chad by..." If you want more people to turn up at your fondue party, send out the invitations in advance to give your prospective guests time to make arrangements.

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