How to Fold a Rose Out of Toilet Paper

by Marilla Mulwane
Make a bouquet of white roses out of toilet paper.

Make a bouquet of white roses out of toilet paper.

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While it might seem silly, it is possible to make a rose out of a few squares of toilet paper. The toilet paper rose has a stem and a single leaf. Give one to someone allergic to flowers, or make a few for friends to give them a laugh. It is also possible to make the same flowers from one piece of paper towel, or a square piece of tissue paper. The roses make a simple, but pretty, bouquet for decorations at a low-budget party.

Step 1

Tear a length of three squares of toilet paper from the roll. Tear two more lengths of three squares for a total of three lengths of three squares each.

Step 2

Rest one length of toilet paper horizontally on the work surface. Roll up the toilet paper loosely from bottom to top. Rest a second length of toilet paper horizontally on the work surface. Place the rolled-up toilet paper horizontally along the bottom of the second length. Roll up the toilet paper loosely. Repeat with the last length of toilet paper so that all three are rolled up together.

Step 3

Hold the rolled-up paper vertically. Pinch the toilet paper 2 inches from the top; twist this spot and continue to twist down along the toilet paper (below the 2 inches you left at the top). The top will become the flower; the twisted part will be the stem. Twist the toilet paper tightly and keep going until you reach the middle.

Step 4

Pull up one layer of the toilet paper from the bottom. Pull up so that the layer is pointing out to the side.

Step 5

Press the lower corner of the layer of toilet paper that is out to the side to the rolled-up toilet paper. Pinch them together and begin to twist the rolled toilet paper again, twisting the corner with it; make sure the top corner of the layer is still pointing to the side -- this will be the leaf. Keep twisting all the way to the bottom of the toilet paper to finish the stem.

Step 6

Twist the leaf where it meets the stem of the rose. Twist a few times without moving along the leaf.

Tips & Warnings

  • Napkins make sturdier roses, and come in many colors and designs.
  • Spray the roses with perfume so they smell nice, too.
  • Toilet paper is very flimsy and the rose will not stand up on its own for very long. It is also easy to tear, so twist carefully.

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