Flip-Flop Frame Craft for Preteens

by Kyra Sheahan
Use your flip-flops as inspiration for a picture frame craft.

Use your flip-flops as inspiration for a picture frame craft.

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A flip-flop picture frame is a creative craft activity for a preteen girl's summer birthday or slumber party. The idea behind the flip-flop frame is to make a picture frame that looks like a flip-flop, but isn't made out of the one that they wear on their feet. The girls can even design the frame to be the same size as their feet to personalize the frame even more.


To make a flip-flop frame you will need white card stock or craft foam, pencil, newspaper, tempera paint, paintbrushes, craft scissors, craft glue and embellishments. The white card stock or craft foam is used for the frame and the girls can use tempera paint to customize their flip-flops. Embellishments, such as ribbons, bows, gemstones and seashells, are added on at the end with craft glue.

Getting Started

Place your real flip-flop on top of the card stock or craft foam and trace it with the pencil. If you don't have real flip-flops to trace, then the girls can trace around their feet instead. Rather than tracing every toe, tell them to create a rounded edge at the top of the foot to look like the shape of a flip-flop. Then, they cut out the traced shapes and set them on top of the newspaper.


The girls can customize their flip-flop frames by painting them with tempera paint. Provide an assortment of colors to choose from. Offer plastic bowls, too, in case they want to mix colors to create something different. Painting is done over the newspaper to keep the mess contained. Allow the cutout flip-flops to dry before continuing.

Flip-Flop Straps

Flip-flops need straps to hold the feet in, so show the girls how to re-create fashionable straps for their photo frames. Cut two pieces of wide ribbon for each flip-flop. Glue the strips of ribbon to the top of the flip-flop, so that the ribbons move from either side of the flip-flop and come to a point at the top of the shoe. To hide the point, glue an embellishment in the center where the two pieces of ribbon meet, such as a seashell, silk flower or cluster of rhinestones.

Picture Time

Adding the picture to your flip-flop frame is simple. Have the girls take their pictures that they wish to use and cut them into an interesting shape, such as a circle, star, triangle or just a smaller square or rectangle. The picture is then glued onto the heel area of the flip-flop.


Embellish the flip-flop frames with glitter glue and other decorative items that you can glue onto the flip-flop. You can outline the picture with glitter glue or sequins, or create a pattern or design for your frame using glitter glue, flowers and rhinestones.

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