Flip Flop Party Invitation Wording

by Toni Hoy
Party in your flip flops.

Party in your flip flops.

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A delightful way to invite friends and family to a Flip Flop party is with colorful, eye-popping invitations that tell all the exciting details of the event. Use color, movement and creative lingo to spell out the information in an engaging way. Preparing invitations for a summer party is the time to unleash your inner child with a creative invitation that generates a smile. The crowd will be enticed to pencil the date in on their calendars, grab their snazziest flip flops and get ready to party.

Basic Party Information

Use the five W's to describe the specific details of the event. Draw five flip flops vertically down the left of the invite. Type "who," "what," "when," "where" and "why" on the sandals and list the appropriate information after each word. Clarify the type of response you desire by specifying, "Regrets only" or "R.S.V.P. please." Be sure to list a contact phone number for responses.

Directions and Parking

Type out clear directions to the party location. Include a map that spells out street names, using a flip flop to mark the party address. Add a simple compass that shows directions for north, south, east and west. If the event is at a public facility, clearly identify the proper entrance to the venue. Identify where guests may park, as well as if valet or handicap parking is available. Cut out two flip flops from paper. Write the phone number of the venue on one of them and your contact phone number on the other. Insert them into the invitation so guests can bring them on the day of the event.

Creative Inviting

Drum up a trendy motto for the invitation such as, "Flip over to my house and flop in a chair," "Flip-flop fever at the city pool," "Flip flops and flapjacks" or "Flip flop and fun in the sun." Cut the paper into the shape of a flip flop, add a ribbon on each side for the straps and tack a small flower where they meet in the center. Type the invitation wording onto the front of the sandal.

Creative Fonts

Use a lively font such as comic sans, curlz, or jokerman to suggest movement. Space the words over the invitation in a carefree, random way. Use mirror images or WordArt reflection fonts to visually enhance the lettering. Emphasize key wording by bolding or italicizing it to add flair. Use formatting tools to change the direction of the words, making them vertical, horizontal or upside down.


Specify the type of attire you expect so that everyone will feel comfortable upon arrival. Use your invitation to announce a flip flop or sunglasses contest. Ask your guests to wear Hawaiian shirts or flower leis to add to the festivities. If the party includes swimming, suggest the guests bring swim suits, towels, sunscreen and of course, their favorite flip flops.

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