Flip Flop Party Ideas

by Donni Jones
A flip flop theme is a unique party idea.

A flip flop theme is a unique party idea.

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Go completely random when coming up with a theme for your next birthday party or weekend get-together or social gathering. Get inspired by an everyday item. Try, for example, a flip flop party. This unusual idea makes for a fun and whimsical party and can be interpreted any number of wacky ways, from decorations to food.


Send invitations promising everyone will have a flipping good time at your flip flop party. Request that everyone wear flip flops, or bring a pair to change into if it's cold outside. Hang streamers, balloons clusters, and several large cardboard flip flops painted in fun colors and patterns. Shop flea markets and dollar stores for pairs of flip flops you can buy cheaply; place them in baskets and buckets and vases; and use them as decorations and as a centerpiece on the food table. Though, you might want to use new, clean flip flops for the food table, not flea market finds.


Play Pin the Flip on the Flop; see which blindfolded guest comes closest to putting the thong on the sandal in the correct place. Have two easy jigsaw puzzles made using a photo of flip flips; separate guests into two teams to see who can put it together fastest. Let guests grab flip flops out of the baskets and buckets and decorate them with markers, paint, beads, glitter and stickers; then judge to see whose is the fanciest. Shop in dollar stores for little flip flop candle holders, candles, matchboxes, notepads, bottle openers, key chains and coasters, and hide them around the house or in the yard for a scavenger hunt.


Get crafty and make flip flop magnet awards for competition and game winners. Paint beer bottle caps in an assortment of funky colors such as bright red, sky blue, deep purple and bright silver. Glue a magnet to the inside of each cap and stick a flip flop sticker to the front of each cap. To keep the magnet looking fresh and bright, spray on clear varnish and let dry. Each guest can take home a flip flop magnet as a thank-you for coming to the party.


Tie in party fare by adding a relevant word to the name of every dish. Examples include slipper sliders, flip flop fish tacos, thong three-bean salad and shoes shrimp. Also use this technique with the drinks: sandal slushees for kids, footwear fuzzy navels and leather Long Island iced teas for adults. At a bakery, have a cake made that looks like a big flip flop, or bake and frost cupcakes and top each one with a fondant flip flop.

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