Flip Flop Festival in Port Lavaca, Texas

by Mitchell Land

Port Lavaca, Texas, is a Gulf town approximately an hour and a half northeast of Corpus Christi. The Flip Flop Festival occurs at the end of the summer on the Bayfront Peninsula. The festival uses its name to put on events such as a flip flop fashion show.


The Port Lavaca Flip Flop Festival began on September 5, 2009. The festival is organized and supported by the Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce. It was the first big festival in the area since the Crab Fest that ended four years before the genesis of the Flip Flop gathering.


The festival only takes place on one day in September. Vendors set up their booths or stands between 10:00 and 11:30 in the morning. Gates open to the general public at noon, and events continue through the day until 5:30 p.m. Admission is free until 5:00, when the gates close to any newcomers.


The Flip Flop Festival hosts a range of options for entertainment. For young children, the YMCA hosts a Kid's Zone Games and Crafts station. A couple musicians also perform during the day. The Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce hosts a beer garden that opens at noon and runs through the end of the festival. Other entertainment options include a baby suit pageant, a petting zoo, a flip flop beauty pageant, and a frozen T-shirt contest.


Vendors wishing to participate in the Flip Flop Festival must complete an application form and submit it to the Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce. The vendor application includes general contact information, as well as company information and a detailed description of the goods or products for sale. A 10-by-10 vendor booth costs $100, while the 10-by-20 vendor booth costs $150, as of June 2011.

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