Fleece Loop Scarf Craft

by Mary Davis
Make a fleece loop scarf to wear a variety of ways.

Make a fleece loop scarf to wear a variety of ways.

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The loop scarf is also known as an infinity scarf and a circle scarf. The main feature of this type scarf is that it is sewn together to form a loop. The scarves are easily-made from lightweight knits and satin, as well as knitted or crocheted from various types of yarn. However, fleece has become popular fabric for making scarves. Fleece scarves are easily-made, require no hemming and can be used in different ways to make loop scarves.

Solid Color Loop

Solid colors of fleece are typically the same on both sides. This helps make a loop scarf look the same color, no matter how it is worn. Decide on the width and length for your finished scarf. Measure and cut the fleece, sew the ends together and the scarf is finished. Do not hem the edges. If you want a scarf that will simply fit around your neck, cut the fleece about 1-yard long and 10- to 12-inches tall. The finished scarf will stretch slightly to fit over a head and onto the neck. Adjust the length to 2 yards or more to allow for at least one twist in the loop. Make a much longer scarf if you wish to have a loop close to your neck and one or more hanging down.

Two-Sided Loop

To make a loop scarf in two different solid colors or a color and a print, cut two identical pieces of fleece. Pin the two pieces together along the long sides. Make sure the brightest side of the solid colors and the print are facing each other. Sew along the pinned sides. Remove the pins and turn the scarf right-side-out. Sew the ends of the scarf together, leaving only about a 1/4-inch seam end. Zig-zag stitch the seam edge. If desired, cut the length longer than needed, sew the pieces together and turn as described above. Then, sew the short seam ends together with a few inches left loose. Cut the loose ends to create a fringed end for the loop scarf.

Fringe Loop

Cut four different-colored pieces of fleece in the length and width you desire. Pin the four pieces together in the center of the short width. Sew a line down the center of the long width of all four pieces together. Cut fringe along the long width of the four pieces, about one-inch apart. Form a loop and stitch the scarf together along the middle seam line. Shake the scarf out so the fringe pieces separate and make the scarf look full and fluffy.

Wide, Long Loop

Make a one or two-sided loop as in Step 1 or Step 2. Create a loop scarf that is about 1-yard wide and as long as you desire. This will make a versatile scarf that can be twisted and worn around the waist, over the shoulders and even stretched up over the back of the head to create a hood.

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