Flamenco Festivals in Miami

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The Flamenco Festival Miami showcases talent from around the world.

The Flamenco Festival Miami showcases talent from around the world.

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Held every year at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County, the Flamenco Festival Miami is a world-class showcase of flamenco musical talent. Flamenco is a specific musical style and dance that originated in southern Spain but is now practiced and enjoyed around the globe. Miami's flamenco festival is a month-long affair that takes place every February and features a variety of performers, workshops, parties and other events. Performances are priced individually, and tickets ranged from $25 to $110 for the 2011 festival.


The highlight of the Flamenco Festival Miami is the international flamenco dance companies that grace the stage of the art center and draw thousands to the center's amphitheater. The festival includes screenings of international films about flamenco, its history and current practice; and workshop classes, which allow the general public to learn some basic flamenco dancing techniques. At night, formal and informal parties allow for mingling among locals, tourists and performing guests, and sometimes feature impromptu dance performances.

The Venue

The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County is an important local artistic cultural institution and is home to the Florida Grand Opera, Miami City Ballet and New World Symphony. The concert hall and the opera house -- each of which seat more than 2,000 people -- are also regularly used by invited guests for special events, such as the flamenco festival. An outdoor plaza hosts parties and mixers. A street-level lounge, the Bombay Sapphire, provides an intimate place to meet before or after a performance.


Headlining performers at the Flamenco Festival Miami are the event's main attraction and are what pack the arts center with often sold-out audiences. Past performers have included the Antonio Gades Company, flamenco star Estrella Morente and the Ballet Nacional de Espana.

Ticketing Information

Tickets are sold on a per-performance basis, and prices depend on the seat and the show. You can buy tickets through the Adrienne Arsht Center's website or from the Adrienne Arsht Center's box office at 305-949-672. Many of the workshops, film screenings and parties are free and open to the public, but some are open only to invited guests, who must have attended a performance or purchased special passes in advance.

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