Fishing Theme Retirement Party

by Zach Lazzari
Retirement creates time for a daily fishing habit.

Retirement creates time for a daily fishing habit.

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Fishing is a popular activity among retirees. Retirement creates a large void of free time and many angling enthusiasts begin planning fishing trips well before the retirement is announced. A fishing-themed retirement party solidifies the fishing-rich future with decorations, events and humor. The party also encourages the retiree to pursue and enjoy his angling passion.


Implement the fishing theme by adding fishing illustrations to the invitations. Decorate physical and electronic invitations with fishing rod and reel graphics. Also include a picture of the retiree on a fishing trip. This sets the mood and encourages guests to bring fishing-related gifts and humor cards about fishermen.

Guest Book

Place a guest book on a table near the door. Have all of the guests sign the guest book and encourage them to include their best "fisherman's lie" about the retiree. The guests are not all likely to be anglers, but they may include lies and jokes from the workplace.

Trophy Wall

The trophy wall is a board with fishing pictures. Place photos of the retiree's favorite fish and fishing moments on the wall, as well as memorable photos from work and life. The wall centers the attention of the party around the retiree and is ideally placed near the guest book.


Decorate the party with a fishing theme. Build a cake in the shape of a fish, add netting to the ceiling and walls, and hang lures and hooks from the walls. Cheap wall hooks are ideal for hanging the netting and lures. You may also hang fishing rods to enforce the theme.


Fish is, of course, an excellent food source at a fishing party. Use a seafood spread and serve grilled fish if a meal is included at the party. Ask fishing friends to contribute their catch and make it a fresh fish cookout.


Use kid-size swimming pools to build outdoor casting targets at the party. Round hoops are also an excellent replacement. Hold a casting competition with lures that have the hooks removed and award fishing gear to the winners.


The roast is a common retirement theme, and the storytelling nature of fishermen makes it ideal for the theme. Have closest friends and work associates tell stories and lies about the retiree. At the end of the roast, honor the retiree with a cast-off and end the party.

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