Fishing at Sand le Mere

by Ian Farquharson
Sand le Mere guests can fish in the sea or in a stocked lake.

Sand le Mere guests can fish in the sea or in a stocked lake.

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The coastal scenery of Yorkshire, England has some beautiful views, with Sand le Mere Holiday Village ( a destination that caters to visitors eager to see the sights. Located on the North Sea coastline, around 15 miles east of Hull, it offers amenities such as the Mermaid entertainment complex. Its location on the coast provides fishing opportunities, with sea and lake fishing available at the village.


Guests interested in fishing at Sand le Mere have a few different options available for accommodation. Caravans and lodges are available for sale for those that intend to spend time at the village on a regular basis. Short-term visitors have the option of renting a caravan or lodge. The village also caters to campers, with sites available for pitching tents and parking RV vehicles.

Fishing Lake

The village has a freshwater fishing lake stocked with a variety of fish species. In total, eight different species swim in the lake, with some of these including perch, carp, roach and barbel. A separate company takes responsibility for the lake, and guests at the village have to pay a separate fee to use the facility. Generally when an angler takes a spot on the lakeside, a representative of the company will come and seek payment.

Lake Rules

Anglers must take note of a number of rules to fish in the lake. They must have a valid UK Environment Agency ( rod license. Other regulations include the use of only barb-less hooks, the landing of fish must be done using nets and anglers must use a disgorge device to remove the hook from the fish. Children under 14 can only fish in the company of a supervising adult, and anglers should break down their rod before entering the village area.

Sea Fishing

Those that prefer going after saltwater species can spend time fishing on the coastline. The village has direct access to a private beach, with anglers welcome to use this to fish in the North Sea. Yorkshire coastal waters have a variety of species, and some that anglers may find on the end of their line include common smoothhound, pollack, coalfish and whiting. Anglers do not have to pay an additional fee to fish from the beach.

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