Fishing Piers in La Porte, Texas

by Andy Klaus

La Porte, Texas is the kind of quiet coastal town where any fishing enthusiast would be glad to spend quality time with his favorite rod and reel. As the "door" to the Houston ship channel, La Porte has constant large vessel traffic in its waterways and regular dredging taking place nearby. These two activities create unique brackish water and saltwater fishing opportunities. For those who prefer pier fishing, the challenge is often finding the right place.

Hurricane Ike

You can't look at coastal Texas without considering the effect that hurricanes have upon all aspects of life from business to pleasure. Had Hurricane Ike been a "normal" storm, the damage in its wake would have been considerable. Ike, however, was far from normal. It was only surpassed by two other storms in the history of the Gulf of Mexico for amount of devastation done. Its passage in September of 2008 wrought considerable damage to piers across the Texas coastline, including those in La Porte, dealing a harsh blow to leisure fishing in the area.

Public Piers

As of 2011, there is only one public fishing pier supported by the city parks system. Sylvan Beach Park has a recently renovated pier following the damages caused by the wake of Hurricane Ike. For a small fee, you can fish the pier during the daylight hours, taking advantage of the various amenities of the site, including free parking, playgrounds, picnic areas, and boat ramps. If you are a resident of La Porte, you can utilize the pier at Seabreeze park but it is not open for use by the general public. It is open from dawn to dusk.

Private Piers

La Porte is one of the few towns where a private fishing pier is a common home accessory. Despite the proximity to metropolitan areas like Houston and Galveston, La Porte retains much of the small-town hospitality that has endeared it to fishermen for decades. Some private fishing piers are "open" to public use, though often adorned by signs of "Use at Your Own Risk." On the seaside of both Forrest and Garfield streets are private piers of this type. Additionally, many homeowners will allow the use of their piers if you knock on the door and ask nicely. As with all fishing of this type, courtesy is your best bait.

Abandoned Piers

A careful and patient fisherman can traverse the La Porte coastline and find a number of piers that have fallen into disuse or disrepair and are not connected to private land. These piers are poor choices to fish from because of obvious safety concerns but they make excellent fishing locales. Locals often fish these areas with high waders or from a flat-bottomed boat because abandoned piers seem to draw small- to medium-sized bass and sea bream like a magnet. Any pier fisherman will find the same fishing experience at these piers as at a public one--snagged lines, lost hooks and rewards for patience.

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