Fishing Lakes & Bayous Nearest to Houston, Texas

by Skye Brannon

The coastal areas in and around Houston, Texas offer a great variety of green spaces and open waters. Parks offer opportunities to fish on banks, in boats, and off piers and levees. Be sure to check park regulations on fishing license requirements. These parks are also terrific spots for wildlife observation and bird watching. So, while you're waiting to feel a tug on your line, look around and enjoy.

Bane Park

Bane Park is located very close to downtown Houston in the Harris County precinct. The 18.2-acre facility has barbecue grills, picnic pavilions, picnic tables, two lighted ball fields, a five-acre wheelchair-accessible fishing lake, gazebo, horseshoe pits, paved walking trail, playground, rock climbing wall, sand volleyball court, splash pad, and restroom facilities. The park does not allow swimming, boats, canoes or kayaks in the pond. Fishermen can catch rainbow trout, which is stocked in the lake every year, as well as bluegill, channel catfish, and largemouth bass. The park encourages catch-and-release fishing.

Brazos Bend State Park

Brazos Bend State Park ( is just 40 miles from downtown Houston, in Needville, Texas. The 5,000-acre park is located on the upper Texas coast and boasts numerous fishing opportunities at four popular lakes: 40 Acre Lake, Elm Lake, Hale Lake and New Horseshoe Lake. 40 Acre Lake and Hale Lake both have handicapped-accessible fishing piers. Elm Lake has seven small piers along its south side. These lakes are periodically stocked with bass, sunfish and catfish. If you are without gear, there is a fishing-equipment loaner program at the park's headquarters, and bait is available at convenience stores just outside the park. No fishing license is required in the state park, but regular size and bag limits do apply.

Sheldon Lake State Park & Environmental Learning Center

Sheldon Lake State Park & Environmental Learning Center is a 2,800-acre outdoor education and recreation facility located in northeast Harris County. The park is split into two sections -- one devoted to fishing and other outdoor activities, the other to its Environmental Learning Center. The reservoirs of Sheldon Lake encompass 1,200 acres, of which 800 are permanently flooded and 400 acres are marsh and swampland. Sheldon Lake is open every day for public fishing with appropriate licenses. Bank fishing is permitted year-round from three T-piers along the west and south levees.

Hermann Park

Hermann Park is a 445-acre park located in the heart of Houston. Presented to the city in 1914 by George Hermann, the park underwent renovations in the 1980s. Children and seniors are allowed to fish at the park's pond. Fishing is permitted at Bob's Fishing Pier or along the western side of the park lake, beyond the green buoys.

Tom Bass III Park

Tom Bass III Park was named after a man who was a high schoolteacher, college professor, U.S. Army Reserve officer, State Representative, Harris County Commissioner from 1973 to 1985, and volunteer for numerous boards of area nonprofit organizations. The park offers a 23-acre spring-fed lake stocked with largemouth bass, catfish and rainbow trout. A floating fishing pier is available for those who have a fishing license. The grounds also have a community center, garden, jogging trail, picnic area, and pavilion.

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