Fishing and Hunting Theme Ideas for Adult Birthdays

by Jennifer Mullett

The fishing and hunting enthusiast will be pleasantly surprised with a themed party complete with decor, food, drinks and games. Develop the theme with decorations and props in a camouflaged color scheme to set the stage for the party. Express the theme beginning with the invitation, and consider asking guests to dress like hunters and fishermen for the party.


Decorate with green, brown and grey with pops of camouflage. Group green and black balloons and tie them in the entryway and at both ends of the buffet table. Create a rustic centerpiece with pine tree sprigs, pine cones and various other debris you can stick into a rectangle of floral foam. Look for animal decorations -- fish, moose, duck and rabbits -- to make vignettes on tables in the designated party area, the kitchen and even the bathroom. Suspend a fishing rod over the bar area and dangle an over-size fish from the rod.

Food and Drinks

Serve a collection of finger foods with a fish and wild meat theme. Salmon appetizers before barbecued moose steaks or pan-fried fish. Create a special hot drink and serve it in a thermos. For instance coffee or hot chocolate spiked with liqueur. For the cake, choose one theme and incorporate it into the design. If the guy has a favorite type of fish either find a replica and place it on the cake or have a cake made to resemble the fish. Another idea is a photo birthday cake with a picture of the hunter hot on the trail.


Alter a few childhood party games to incorporate the hunting and fishing theme. Instead of bobbing for apples, try bobbing for bottles of beer. Any party game can be played if you hand out hunting- and fishing-themed prizes. For instance, a variety of fishing lures and bobbers, camo t-shirts, canteens and other items will make useful prizes. Hang a moose pinata -- you might have to make your own with papier mache -- and fill it with jerky or candy.


Take your hunter on a surprise birthday trip for a weekend adventure of hunting and fishing. Or, rent a cabin and host the theme party there. Another idea is to rent a boat and stage the party on the boat. The backyard is an ideal location as much of the decor is done for you if you have a few trees on your property. Consider barbecuing meat your hunter or fisherman brought home from one of his adventures.

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