Fishing & Hunting Party Decor Ideas

by Zach Lazzari

Fishing and hunting are highly involved pursuits that often define the thoughts and daily activities of enthusiasts. Fishing and hunting theme parties honor that passion. Rustic decor is common among sportsmen and women, but you can be creative and use a variety of resources to pay tribute to the favorite pastime of the special angler or hunter in your life.


Many hunters use waterfowl and game decoys in the field. The decoys also make effective party decorations around the house. Set decoys on mantles and tables, and hang bird decoys from the ceiling with fishing line. The hanging decoys move and spin to create a sense of the motion of flying birds. Avoid crowding the floor with decoys because they can get damaged and be dangerous. Place large game decoys along walls and in corners to keep the floor space open.

Nets and Lures

Netting represents fishing well for a themed party. You can drape widely available, inexpensive netting over furniture and peg it to the walls. Also hang fishing floats and lures from wall hooks to complement the netting. Use lures without hooks to prevent tangling and potential injury to the guests. Avoid using the netting in low spots where it will tangle with passing guests.

Table Settings

Decorate the table with disposable cups and plates in either a fish pattern or camouflage pattern. Camouflage place settings and table cloths are available in party stores and through many Internet party goods suppliers. You can enhance the camouflage theme and setting by scattering spent shells on the tables.


A well-designed cake makes an impressive centerpiece for a fishing or hunting theme party. How elaborate you make it depends on your creativity. Of course, you can enlist the skill of a professional cake decorator. But if you want to give it a go on your own, try carving a cake into the likeness of a favorite fish or game animal. You can also decorate the top of a basic cake with an intricate frosting design of a gun or fishing rod and add plastic figurines.

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