Fishing Hats for Kids at Parties

by Donni Jones
Let the kids try a party craft such as making fishing hats.

Let the kids try a party craft such as making fishing hats.

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Making a fishing hat is a good party activity for kids. Whether they're making them to wear the next time they go catch fish with Dad, or because they're attending a fisherman-themed party, creating fishing hats is a craft that kids from the very young to teenagers will enjoy.


Provide kids with plain white conical party hats from a party supply store and a pack of markers with which to draw on colorful fish. Suggest they add such touches as seaweed or write on an alliterative combination of theirs name plus a fish: Trisha Trout, Mullet Mike, Catfish Carrie or Goldfish Greg. Or, provide kids with two large fish cut from plain brown paper bags and "scales": small half circles cut from several colors of construction paper. Let them glue or tape the scales onto to the fish; then staple the two together, leaving a gap at the bottom for their heads.


For a more challenging hat for older kids, shop in dollar stores, flea markets or thrift stores for a supply of plain white hats of any style: cloche hats, fedoras, baseball caps, berets, cowboy hats and bowler hats. Provide kids with hats, fish-shaped templates cut from cardboard or posterboard, beads, scissors, sewing needles and white thread. Kids draw the fish shape onto the hat in pencil, then sew on beads in a fish shape.


Let the kids works with traditional fishing hats (also called bucket hats). This soft, cotton hat is popular today with both men and women. Buy fishing hats in a hat store or online, or find them cheaply in a thrift store or at a flea market. Let the kids decorate them with fabric markers, fabric paint, fabric glue, beads, feathers and glitter. You could even have a competition during the party to see who has made the fanciest fishing hat.


Provide kids with hats, templates, fabric, scissors, thread, sewing needles and decorative cord. Kids draw the fish shape onto the hat, cut it out, then creatively embellish the cut-out. They can sew a piece of fabric a different color from the hat to the inside to make the cut-out more noticeable. Or, they can leave it empty, fold the edges of the cut-out down to make a neat seam, then sew along the edge with cord.

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