Fishing in Bayville, New York

by Melissa McCormick
Long Island, New York, includes several waterfront villages.

Long Island, New York, includes several waterfront villages.

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Bayville is a small sea village of under 10,000 residents, in the town of Oyster Bay, New York. Oyster Bay is on Long Island within the Nassau County limits. The area is known for it's fishing, beaches, views along the Long Island Island Sound and shopping and dining on the waterfront. It is also only a 35-mile train ride to Manhattan. Long Island offers plenty of saltwater and freshwater fishing opportunities with more than 500 lakes and ponds and more than 30 miles of streams.

Types of Fish

Trout, bass and bluefish are common to the Nassau County area. In addition, crappie, sunfish, bluefish, brown and rainbow trout and yellow perch are stocked in area waters and are in open season all year. Pollock, haddock and Atlantic cod frequent the saltwater areas of Bayville. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation ( offers a list of all available catches in Nassau County and when they are in season.

Fishing Locations

In addition to saltwater fishing locations, New York fisherman have access to a variety of stocked ponds and streams. Waters in and around the Bayville area include Camaans Pond, Forest City Park Pond, Freeport Reservoir, Grant Park Pond, Hempstead Lake, Lower Twin Pond, Wantagh Massapequa Lake, Massapequa Reservoir, McDonald Pond, Oyster Bay Mill Pond, Ridders Pond, New Hyde Park, Smith Pond, South Pond, Upper Twin Pond and Wantagh Mill Pond.

Fishing Permits and Events

All residents and visitors who wish to fish in Bayville must file for a fishing permit and pay a fee through New York State, except when fishing at a marina. Oyster Bay Harbour, Oyster Bay Marine Center and Glen Cove Marina are the closest marinas to Bayville for saltwater fishing. Beaches in Bayville include Centre Island Beach, Soundside Beach and Crescent Beach. However, beaches are closed to anyone who is not a Bayville resident. Annually, the last weekend in June is considered a free fishing weekend and people do not need a permit to fish. The Town of Oyster Bay Bluefish Tournament is held every September.

Fishing Regulations

At all times, Bass fishing in Nassau County is catch and release only. Crappie, sunfish and bluefish are limited to 15 catches per person, each day. Brown and rainbow trout are limited to three catches per person, each day. Brook trout is in open season from April through September and is catch and release only. Fisherman are also only permitted to catch black bass between the first Saturday in June through April.

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