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How to Bait a Crayfish Trap

Crayfish traps consist of a cone-shaped entrance that leads into a reservoir. Once the crayfish has enterd the reservoir, it has difficulty climbing back out the small entrance. To ensure that you trap plenty of crayfish when you set your trap, bait your trap appropriately. Baiting correctly also helps prevent the crayfish from seeking out the entrance hole to escape again.

How to Bait a Fishing Line for Salmon in Oregon

Oregon is known for its salmon fishing. Many sport fisherman enjoy catching salmon because the fish are so meaty, often weighing up to 25 pounds. The King, also known as Chinook, Columbia River, Quinnat, Chowichee and Takou salmon are just a few of the species that live in and around the coast of Oregon. To catch these fish successfully, affix the correct fresh bait to the correct manufactured lure.

How to Bait a Hook with Liver

If you are interested in fishing for catfish, you will probably want to use chicken liver as bait at some point. Chicken livers have long been held in high regard by catfish anglers because of the scent it produces in the water, and because they are inexpensive and readily available at most grocery stores. One of the only issues you may have when using chicken livers is that it can be tricky to get it to stay on your hook. There are several methods you can use to combat this problem, and help you catch more catfish in the future.

How to Bait a Hook With Squid

Baiting a fishing hook with squid takes a bit of practice in order to properly run a hook through the squid's body. There are many types of squid in the world, but not all are suitable for bait--most are just too large. Use calamari squid, which grow between 4 and 8 inches long. Frozen squid are perfectly acceptable to use as bait, so don't worry about finding fresh squid.

How to Bait a Hook Using Crawfish

A freshwater crustacean that resembles a miniature lobster, crawfish is a staple in the diet of many fish, including smallmouth and largemouth bass. Bass begin feeding on crawfish when the young bass are as small as three inches and continue feeding on them throughout their lives. Live crawfish is an alluring bait that bass find hard to resist. If you are fishing for any species that feeds on crawfish, properly hooking a crawfish can help you come home with a large catch.

How to Bait a Lake for Carp

Some states, including California and Wisconsin, limit the way anglers can bait a body of water, draw more schools and catch more fish. In most states, however, chumming is a legal, strategic move. If you want to bait a lake or pond for carp, a common midsize catch nationwide, check the laws first then use the most cost-effective bait to snag the fish you seek. A little sonar support never hurts either.

How to Bait for Monster Catfish

Fishing for big catfish can be challenging, as catfish can be rather elusive. Catfish are omnivorous, meaning they will eat just about anything they can find, especially if they are hungry and they stumble across a free meal. There is a wide variety of items you can use for catfish bait; some are common, and others are employed by very few. In additional to traditional bait, you can use various food items to try to catch big catfish.

How to Bait for Mullet

Mullet are difficult fish to catch. They typically eat mostly sediment and mud and their digestive system has evolved to allow their bodies to extract nourishment from the microscopic organisms that live in the mud at the bottom of lakes, rivers and estuaries. Sometimes mullet feed on microbes found in the film on the surface of a pond or lake. Mullet are especially plentiful around marinas, harbors and piers -- where fishing boats are washed and where people feed fish. The key to catching mullet is to get them to start feeding by chumming the water with a mush mixture.

How to Bait a Sand Shrimp for Steelhead

The sand shrimp is an effective steelhead bait that is easy to rig. Some anglers avoid the bait because it is fragile, but careful and proper hook placement ensures the bait will last for several hours of trolling and bottom bouncing. The bait will tear and become ruined when a steelhead is caught, but it is easily replaced with a fresh shrimp. Baiting the sand shrimp for steelhead is easily accomplished, but poor hook placement will cause the shrimp to tear and crumble.

What Is Bait & Shoot Hunting?

Bait and shoot hunting is controversial due to the perception that it is unsportsmanlike. In some states and countries, the method is illegal for some or all species. However, bait and shoot programs are used in some areas to control the population of certain animals.

How to Bait Turkey

Turkeys can be very suspicious and surprisingly aware animals. Hunting turkey is usually a matter of sitting in one location and trying to draw them close enough to shoot. Baiting a turkey can be a matter of using food that attracts the turkey, calls to bring them close and decoys to convince them of the relative safety of the area.

What Bait Do I Use for Catching Speckled Perch?

Speckled perch, more commonly known as crappie, are a favorite freshwater gamefish. Prized as the darling of innumerable fish fries and vaunted for their hard-fighting ways, crappie are small fish that will strike at a wide range of baits from live minnows to diving crankbaits.

Baitcasting vs. Spinning

Baitcasting and spin fishing are two fishing styles with two different reels. The objectives of each fishing style are similar, but the function varies. The reel choice depends on experience, preference and fishing style. Both types of fishing offer several advantages and disadvantages. The success of each reel depends on the angler's skill level.

Bass Fishing Spots at Clarks Hill, Georgia

Clarks Hill Lake is located in Eastern Georgia near the South Carolina border. Also called the Strom Thurmond Lake or Lake Clarks Hill, it is the largest lake constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers east of the Mississippi River, with 1,200 miles of shoreline and more than 250 islands. It is well-known for its bass fishing, especially its striped bass fishing.

BB Gun Hunting Laws in Arizona

The state of Arizona takes a constitutional, right-to-bear-arms approach to gun ownership. This doesn't mean you can just fire away willy-nilly. Even if you're using a non-powder weapon like a BB, pellet or air gun, you'll need to follow the proper procedure, especially if you're planning a hunting expedition.

Bighorn Sheep Hunting in the Texas Desert

Bighorn sheep have made a remarkable comeback in the Trans-Pecos desert regions of West Texas since the 1960s, when they disappeared from the region. An estimated 1,500 desert bighorns now roam the mountains and deserts of West Texas, and each year, a few lucky hunters get the opportunity to go on hunts to try and bag one of these wily sheep.

Black Bear Hunting With a Muzzleloader

Black bear hunting with a muzzleloader is challenging. The muzzleloader does not provide the bullet velocity or range of a rifle and the hunter must be prepared for a close encounter with the bear. The close range adds danger to the hunt and requires advanced preparations to remain undetected when the bear is within range.

Blackfoot Indian Hunting Methods

The Blackfoot Indian people of Alberta and Montana are a group of distinct but related tribes including the Siksika, Blackfeet, Pikanii and Akainawa. All four of the Blackfoot tribes were historically known as expert buffalo hunters, who lived a nomadic lifestyle to follow the buffalo herds. After settlers nearly eliminated the buffalo in the late 19th century, the Blackfoot were forced to abandon their traditional way of life.

Blackhawk Hunting in Louisiana

Blackhawk is a hunting outfit headquartered in Vidalia in northern Louisiana near the Mississippi River. Blackhawk boasts an abundance of large whitetail deer and offers guided hunts in their private hunting tract in the wetlands and forests. Bow hunting season in Louisiana runs from October 1 through January 31, and rifle hunting starts a month later on November 1 for the same end date. Wild boar and alligator hunting is also an option at Blackhawk, and hunters are encouraged to cast a line in the river at the end of the day to fish for largemouth bass.