How to Fish With a Zara Spook

by Paul Ramone
Catch largemouth bass with a Zara Spook.

Catch largemouth bass with a Zara Spook.

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The Heddon Zara Spook is a "stick bait." These types of bait are long and slender and resemble a bait fish. The Zara Spook is used with a technique known as "walking the dog." This action makes the bait move from side to side to lure the fish. It is particularly used to catch bass. The technique depends on establishing the right rhythm but it can be mastered with practice.

Step 1

Cast the Zara Spook and allow it to settle on top of the water. Do not begin reeling or moving your pole until the bait has become completely still.

Step 2

Slowly begin reeling in the bait. Maintain a steady reeling pace.

Step 3

Lower the tip of the rod so that it is pointing to the water.

Step 4

Allow the line of your rod to go slack, raise the tip of the rod approximately 12 inches and snap it back down using your wrist. Continue raising and snapping the rod so that the lure "walks" from side to side across the surface of the water. As you raise and snap the rod, reel slowly yet consistently with your other hand.


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