How to Fish With a Wally Bomber

by Don Kress
The Wally Bomber can be used for walleye or bass fishing.

The Wally Bomber can be used for walleye or bass fishing. Images

A Wally Bomber is a style of crankbait that is used for fishing for bass. Its purpose is to dive well below the surface where it can tempt largemouth or smallmouth bass out of their hiding places to take a nibble. The large, clear spoon on the front of the Wally bomber is what causes it to dive. Wally Bombers are considered reaction lures, meaning that the fish aren't fooled by the bait, but strike because they sense that something is getting away from them.

Items you will need

  • Fishing rod
Step 1

Tie the Wally Bomber to your fishing line, and then cast it out as far as you can beyond where you think the bass will be lurking.

Step 2

Reel in the lure at a moderate speed, occasionally jerking the tip of your fishing rod to the left or the right to simulate how a small fish might swim in real life. As the lure moves toward you, it will dive further and further underwater until eventually your line will be straight up and down.

Step 3

When you feel a strike, immediately set the hook by whipping the fishing rod back. Once the hook has been set, you can reel in your fish. Take note, however, that large fish may need to be fought or they will break your line or your rod. If the fish feels larger than your tackle can handle, release the drive on your line and let the fish run. When you feel the line slack again, reel the fish in.

Tips & Warnings

  • Occasionally jerking the Wally Bomber while it is underwater will help you simulate how a wounded fish might act. Doing this can result in more strikes than simply reeling in the line as quickly as you can.


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