How to Fish for Tuna in California

by David Harris
Catch fresh tuna off of California's shores.

Catch fresh tuna off of California's shores.

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Tuna fishing remains a popular sport off the shores of California. One of the most challenging fish to catch, the types of tuna found in California waters include albacore, blue fin, skipjack, yellow fin and bonito. Before setting out to catch tuna, all anglers age 16 and over must possess a sports fishing license, which you can obtain online from the California Department of Fish and Game or at numerous bait and hardware shops throughout the state.

Step 1

Research the best spots for catching tuna off the coast of California, generally locations over subsea mountain ranges. Small fish which eat the algae blooms that grow there will attract tuna.

Step 2

Head out only during the prime months for tuna fishing in California. Albacore and blue fin bite mostly from May to July, while you'll have better luck with yellow fins later in the year, from September to October.

Step 3

Catch your tuna by trolling. Put your lures out behind your boat and drive at a slow or medium speed.

Step 4

Look for places populated by diving birds as indicators for fish. Throw live bait, such as mackerel and anchovies, from the boat to attract the tuna as well.

Step 5

Use artificial lures like metal or rubber lures when near a school of tuna. These prove effective at catching tuna as well.

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