How to Fish for Trout in South Carolina

by David Harris
South Carolina is home to numerous trout fishing spots.

South Carolina is home to numerous trout fishing spots.

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Although South Carolina isn't normally thought of as a key destination for trout fishing, more than 500,000 trout anglers descend upon the state's streams each year, according to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. You can catch three species of trout in South Carolina: rainbow, brown and brook trout. But before setting off to catch trout, learn about the best spots in the state for hooking the fish and what is the best way to do it.

Items you will need

  • Fishing license
  • Fishing gear
Step 1

Obtain a South Carolina fishing license before setting out. They are available at bait stores, hardware stores and grocery stores throughout the state.

Step 2

Learn which parts of South Carolina are good for trout fishing. Most trout are found in the northwestern portion of the state near the Appalachian Mountains. The 7,500-acre Lake Jocassee in Oconee and Pickens counties is well-stocked with trout. Try Lake Hartwell in Anderson County and Lake Murray in Lexington County in the spring.

Step 3

Learn about which fishing techniques are most effective for snaring trout. Most successful trout anglers will use live-bait fishing, fly-fishing and spinner-lure fishing.

Step 4

Pick the best time to catch trout. In South Carolina, late May through early June and then in October through November are the best times to catch trout because the water temperatures are optimal.

Step 5

Pick a strategic location when fishing for trout. Trout feed facing the current, so position yourself in a spot where the trout are trying to catch food.

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