How to Fish With a Tiki Stick

by Jeffery Keilholtz
Fish off of a boat with Tiki-sticks.

Fish off of a boat with Tiki-sticks. Images

Working with a Tiki-stick can make the difference in a successful fishing trip. Tiki-sticks are rubber lures -- shaped like worms -- made of high-density rubber. Constructed at 5-inches long, the rubber is often filled with reflective flakes -- silver or gold in color, for example -- that redirect light and make them attractive to the eye of the fish. Use a Tiki-stick for drop shot and wacky worm rigs for deep and shallow fishing, respectively.

Items you will need

  • Tiki-stick
  • Hook
  • Fishing pole
  • Bell weight

Drop Shot Rig

Step 1

Pull 3.5 feet of excess line off of the end of the rod. Tie a standard double knot at the 3-foot point.

Step 2

Slide the hook onto the line, flush with the double knot. Tie a Palomar knot to secure the hook. Pinch the six inches of line below the hook. Press and fit the pinched piece through the hook eyelet. Loop the piece over the area just above the eyelet to form a small circle of line. Bring the piece up through the circle. Pull the piece up firmly to widen the loop. Wrap the loop over the hook and pull the excess piece of line off the back of the loop to tighten the knot.

Step 3

Attach a Tiki stick to the hook. Press one end of the body of the stick. Pull the stick up and press the other end of the body down into the hook for a secure fit.

Step 4

Tie a traditional bell weight -- using a Palomar knot -- on the end of the line. Casting a drop shot rig allows the weight to "drop" and sink first, thus submerging the bait from off the top of the surface.

Wacky Worm Rig

Step 1

Tie a hook onto the end of the line. Secure the hook with a Palomar knot.

Step 2

Press the middle of a Tiki stick body down into the hook for even weight distribution.

Step 3

Dangle the line in front of you to ensure that the stick is evenly attached at the center. If the stick is hanging lopsided -- favoring one end or another -- reattach to the center. The Wacky Worm rig uses only the weight of the rubber Tiki stick as weight and is used for more shallow level fishing.

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