How to Fish Sweet Beavers

by Brenda Priddy
The Sweet Beaver is designed to catch bass, trout, catfish and other large fish.

The Sweet Beaver is designed to catch bass, trout, catfish and other large fish.

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A sweet beaver is a fishing lure designed to catch trout, bass, catfish and other larger fish that eat crayfish. The reusable bait is manufactured by Reaction Innovations and is designed to provide a tantalizing bait for fish that they cannot refuse. The sweet beaver has a long, flexible body with ribbed sides and a floppy tail that mimics a crawfish in the water. The lure attracts the fish and has an imbedded hook that hooks the fish almost immediately. The sweet beaver bait is a well-used artificial bait by amateur fishermen and professional fishermen alike.

Items you will need

  • Sweet beaver bait
  • 5/0 hook
  • Tungsten sinker
  • 20 to 100 lb. reel and rod
  • 65 lb. fishing line
Step 1

Attach the hook to the base of the sweet beaver bait. Slide the hook directly through the body of the bait, or use fishing line to tie the hook to the bait.

Step 2

Attach a sinker about 3 feet down from the end of the fishing line. Attach the beaver to the bottom of the line.

Step 3

Cast the beaver into the water. Keep the line moving to attract the fish.

Step 4

Jerk the line up quickly when you feel a bite to capture the fish on the hook. You may end up catching other species of fish that you do not want with the Sweet Beaver bait. If you do catch the wrong species of fish, and you don't want to keep it or it is illegal to fish for that species at the time, then unhook it and throw it back in the water.

Step 5

Remove the sweet beaver from inside the fish's mouth. Re-hook the bait onto the hook if necessary, and cast again. Repeat the process until you have caught the desired number of fish or until you have reached the legal fishing limits in your area.

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