How To Fish for Stripers in Rogersville, Tennessee

by Ryan Fergerson

Striped bass, or stripers, are a fish native to salt water that moves into freshwater lakes and rivers to spawn. Tennessee is popular among striped bass fishermen because of the abundance of stripers stocked in freshwater lakes there. Cherokee Lake is the closest renowned striped bass fishing lake to Rogersville, Tennessee -- only a few miles outside the city. To help the fish, the Tennessee Valley Authority adds oxygen to Cherokee Lake.

Items you will need

  • Array of lures, jigs and live bait
  • Boat
Step 1

Purchase an array of large, bright lures and jigs -- you'll want jigging spoons, swimming spoons, crankbaits and topwater baits. Get some baitfish as well; many fishermen prefer minnows.

Step 2

Locate schools of shad in the lake if you can -- this is what stripers feed off of, so finding them is often a promising clue as to where the stripers are hiding. Move out to the deeper sections of the lake to try jigs and live bait. Keep large topwater baits near the surface.

Step 3

Try trolling for stripers using your large and bright lures.

Step 4

Move to a river channel if you're not successful in the deep, middle areas of the lake. Any section close to a river channel with a significant change in depth is a good spot to fish for stripers.

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