How to Fish With Solar Lunar Tables

by Donny Quinn
The solunar calendar mixes folklore and science.

The solunar calendar mixes folklore and science.

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Some people believe that the cycles of the sun and moon influence the behavior of fish, allowing savvy fishers to increase their catches. Created by John Alden Knight in 1926, solar lunar tables, or "solunar," were based on legends he heard in Florida. If you can't seem to find the luck you need on the lake, consider attempting to create your own solunar calendar.

Items you will need

  • Yellow highlighter
  • Pink highlighter
  • Wall calendar
  • Moon calendar
Step 1

Highlight, in yellow, the dates of new moons and full moons on your wall calendar, using the moon calendar as a reference. Do this for the full fishing season. Many wall calendars already display the stages of the moon.

Step 2

Highlight, in pink, the day of the full moon and new moon in June. Some believers of solunar fishing systems think that June works as a peak month for fish, because of the placement of the moon and the sun.

Step 3

Compare the times of the moonrises and moonsets to the times of the sunrises and sunsets for each day during the fishing season. Highlight, in yellow, those dates in which the rising and the setting times of the two celestial bodies differ by no more than 30 minutes. For solunar purposes, the moonrise can correspond with the sunrise or sunset, and the moonset may correspond with the sunset or sunrise.

Step 4

Highlight, in pink, any dates when a full or new moon rises or sets during the sunrise or sunset hours.

Step 5

Fish primarily on dates highlighted in pink, followed by dates highlighted in yellow, followed last by dates not highlighted.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can use the phase of the moon to determine the depth of fishing for bass, according to "Effects of Lunar Cycles on the Activity Patterns and Depth Use of a Temperate Sport Fish, The Largemouth Bass, Micropterus Salmoides." During the middle of a waxing moon period -- between the new and full moon, bass tend to swim deeper than at other times.

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