How to Fish With Scum Frogs

by Mandy Slake
Scum Frogs are an effective topwater bait for bass.

Scum Frogs are an effective topwater bait for bass.

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Scum Frogs are a line of top-water lures for bass. These floating rubber lures imitate a frog or rat, depending on the design. They are designed to fish areas with a lot of floating vegetation, such as lily pads and weed beds that have grown to the surface. The hooks are protected by the soft body of the lure, preventing them from snagging. When a fish bites the Scum Frog, the body deforms, allowing the hooks to penetrate the fish's jaw.

Step 1

Cast the original Scum Frog or Scum Frog Junior over areas of floating moss, lily pads or emerging weeds. Retrieve the lure slowly, with frequent pauses and direction changes. You want the lure to look like a frog working its way through the vegetation.

Step 2

Retrieve a Scum Frog Popper with frequent twitches. The cupped face of this lure catches water and causes a loud splash like a frog hitting the water. The extra noise and commotion make the Scum Frog Popper effective on windier days. It also makes the lure easier for the fish to locate at night or under low-light conditions.

Step 3

Retrieve the Scumdog Walker in a walk-the-dog motion, skirting the lure back and forth in a zigzag pattern. This Scum Frog has a split rubber skirt that splays out like a frog's legs, giving it a large profile that fish can see easily. It works best in areas of open water above submerged vegetation.

Step 4

Retrieve a Bigfoot or Little Bigfoot with a steady motion or series of short bursts with pauses. Pulling this version of the lure through the water causes the legs to kick up a trail along the surface.

Step 5

Watch the lure as you retrieve it. Sometimes a fish will strike short, or slap, the Scum Frog to stun it. If this happens, pause the lure for a second before continuing to reel. Wait until you feel the weight of the fish on the line before you set the hook. If you set the hook too soon, you can jerk the lure out of the fish's mouth.

Tips & Warnings

  • Cast onto the bank and ease the Scum Frog into the water when bass are in extremely shallow water. A heavy splash may spook them.
  • Use heavier line when when fishing heavy vegetation. Twenty- to 30-lb. test is a good place to start. The weeds make it harder for the fish to see the line, and it won't break when the fish wraps it around the stalks.


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