How to Fish With a Rollin' Runner

by James Clark
Cast toward a calm deep spot on the water with a Rollin' Runner.

Cast toward a calm deep spot on the water with a Rollin' Runner.

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A Rollin' Runner is a deep water lure used mainly for freshwater fishing around the submerged structures where big fish hide. Part jig and part spinnerbait, this hybrid lure works with a stop-and-retrieve technique that causes it to rise and fall through the water, imitating a wounded bait fish. Work the lure slowly through the water. You won't need to crank in the Rollin' Runner like a spinnerbait near the surface. Rollin' Runners are designed to sink where the big fish lurk.

Step 1

Thread the end of your fishing line through the eyelet on the head of the Rollin' Runner. Tie the line directly to the lure.

Step 2

Cast from lake shores and riverbanks toward calm spots on the water. From a boat, release the lure straight down into the water.

Step 3

Lock your reel in the retrieve position when you feel the lure strike bottom.

Step 4

Crank the reel handle clockwise three to four rotations, then stop. Wait a second for the lure to flutter down in the water, then crank again. Repeat this pattern until you reel in the Rollin' Runner to cast again.

Tips & Warnings

  • Cast to as many spots on the water as possible to cover the area quickly. if you do not get a strike in one spot after 15 to 20 minutes, move to another location.

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