How to Fish for Perch With Bait in Oregon

by Marguerite Lance
Because of their small size, perch are easy to catch.

Because of their small size, perch are easy to catch.

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Perch are a desirable fishing option for new anglers. They are abundant, easily located, live in a wide variety of areas--from ponds to the coast -- weigh about 1 to 5 lbs., are available year-round and can be caught with the tackle tools most novice anglers already have. Basic bait options, like worms, are tempting to perch.

Items you will need

  • Oregon fishing license
  • Bait (worms, clams, shrimp or smaller fish like sand lances or surf smelt)
  • 10- to 12-foot spinning rod
  • Spinning reel
  • 15-lb. test line
  • Size 4 hooks
  • Bobber
  • Chest with ice
Step 1

Determine where in Oregon you are going to fish for perch. According to Go Fish'n, perch are easily found all along the Oregon coast, especially in surf zones off sandy beaches, in bays and around rocks. Chetco Bay, Columbia River Estuary, Garrison Lake, Nehalem Bay, New River, Sand Lake, Siletz Bay and Yaquina Bay are particularly recommended.

Step 2

Prepare your rod for fishing. Release the reel's bail. Pull the fishing line through the guides along the length of your rod. Tie a hook to the end of your line, reserving a few inches of line for the bobber. Tie the bobber to the very end of your line.

Step 3

Insert a hook into the bait. If using worms, insert the hook through two or three sections of a long worm, or once through the middle of a short worm. If using clams or shrimp, insert the hook through the middle of the bait. If using a small fish, insert the hook through the fish's cheek or through the fish's back, just below the dorsal fin.

Step 4

Cast your line. Step up to the edge of the water, holding your rod in your dominant hand. Press the reel's release button. Bend your wrist so that your rod is located just above your dominant hand's shoulder. Gently flick your wrist forward so that your rod comes out in front of you, at the 10 o'clock position. Remove your finger from the reel's release button.

Step 5

Wait until there is a tug on your line. Turn your reel's handle toward you to pull your line and the fish in. Remove the hook from the fish's mouth. Place the fish in the ice chest to be cleaned as soon as you're done fishing.

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