How to Fish for Murray Cod

by Rob Kemmett

Murray cod is the largest freshwater fish found in the waters surrounding Australia. The cod gather most prominently in the southeastern portion of the continent, which is known to locals as a hotspot for recreational fishing. The fish populate the Murray and Darling river systems, which are good places to start if you are looking to fish for Murray cod. Murray cod prefer live bait, such as shrimp, grubs and small fish. Fill your bait bucket with a combination to ensure you are prepared when you head out to fish for cod.

Items you will need

  • Fishing pole
  • Live bait
  • Fishing net
Step 1

Go to a location known to be host to Murray cod. Southeastern Australia is where the Murray cod is most heavily populated, but the cod also thrive all over Gwydir, Lower Murray, Namoi and Murrumbidgee.

Step 2

Survey the waters, looking for streams, dams, large rocks, fallen and undercut banks, all of which are locations where Murray cod lurk.

Step 3

Bait the fishing hook with live shrimp, grubs, small fish or yabbies, which are freshwater crayfish. Murray cod prefer live bait. The cod also are attracted to a variety of medium and lightweight lures, including deep-diving plugs, metal spoons and bladed spinners.

Step 4

Cast the fishing line containing the bait or lure into the water.

Step 5

Turn the reel slowly to pull the line back toward you at a slow steady pace; this technique is known as "walking." Turning the reel too fast may not attract the cod. If you do not feel a fish take the bait and reel in the line the entire way, cast the line back into the water and try again. Keep trying until you feel a tug on the line, which often is an indicator that a fish has taken the bait.

Step 6

Pull the fishing rod upward when you feel a tug on the line. Jerk the rod quickly to penetrate the mouth of the fish with the hook at the end of the line. Murray cod prefer deeper waters; the fish may try to escape by heading down toward the floor of the water.

Step 7

Lower the fishing rod and simultaneously turn the reel to pull the line back toward you. This time, reel quickly. The fish will be fighting you; you may have to put some muscle into turning the reel.

Step 8

Pull the fishing rod upward when you feel the fish slow down, as if it's running out of energy. Lower the fishing rod and simultaneously turn the reel to pull the line back toward you.

Step 9

Continue reeling in the fish until it is close to your fishing vessel. If you are wading in the water, continue reeling in the fish until it is within arms' reach.

Step 10

Scoop the cod into a large fishing net.

Step 11

Remove the hook from the cod's mouth.

Step 12

Put the Murray cod into a large cooler filled with a layer of ice. The ice keeps the cod cool and prevents it from spoiling during a long fishing trip.

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