How to Fish With Marabou Jigs

by Zach Lazzari
Marabou jigs are highly effective for trout.

Marabou jigs are highly effective for trout.

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Marabou is the soft feather material from a bird. The marabou used on jigs commonly comes from chickens and is valued for the active motion created in the water. The marabou jig has a slender profile and is successfully fished using several techniques. Marabou jigs are common in finesse fishing because marabou swims and bends but does not flutter and create a disturbance.

Step 1

Use the marabou jig with ultralight gear and jig vertically with a slow motion. Lift the rod tip 1 foot, pause for 2 seconds and drop the rod tip. Repeat the process over a school of fish until you detect a strike and set the hook.

Step 2

Finesse-fish the marabou jig in cold weather when fish are lethargic. You will detect soft strikes. Place your finger directly on the line. Pull and retract the line to move the jig in a vertical motion and detect the strikes with your finger.

Step 3

Bounce the marabou on the bottom of a smooth lake or stream bed. Bottom bouncing is effective when limited snags are present. Cast the lure as far as possible and allow it to sink to the bottom. Lift the rod tip 1 foot to move the jig and reel in the slack line as you lower the rod tip. Repeat the process until the jig is retrieved.

Step 4

Change the marabou color based on the sky and water depth. Use dark colors for deep waters and a dark sky. Use light colors for shallow water and clear skies. The color selection is based on visibility, with black and purple common for deep water and white and chartreuse for shallow water.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always carry marabou jigs in your tackle box. The jigs are effective in most situations and are an option when other lures are not productive.

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