How to Fish for King Mackerel From a Pier

by Christine LaFleur
You can also catch king mackerel out in the ocean.

You can also catch king mackerel out in the ocean.

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If you enjoy catching big fish that can put up a fight, fish for king mackerel. One of the best places to catch king mackerel is from a pier. King mackerel love to hang out near cliffs and ledges. You will find the small bait fish that the king mackerel feed on near the pier, too. Fishing with a float is a popular way to fish for king mackerel from a pier.

Items you will need

  • Fishing rod
  • Float fishing rig
  • Bait, pieces of king mackerel, eel or garfish
Step 1

Find a pier to fish for king mackerel. If there is an incoming tide, an inshore wind and an oncoming cold front, you have a strong possibility of catching king mackerel from a pier.

Step 2

Set up a float fishing rig. A float fishing rig consists of a float and a weight. The float and weight work together to allow you to set your hook at a predetermined depth in the water. When the fish bites the hook, the float will disappear under the water.

Step 3

Bait the hook. The best bait for king mackerel is a piece of king mackerel. You can also use live bait fish.

Step 4

Cast your line 5 to 30 yards from the pier.

Step 5

Wait for a bite. When a king mackerel bites your hook, the float will disappear under the water and your fishing line will start moving. Jerk on your fishing rod and start reeling in your catch. King mackerel can put up a fight. They can weigh up to 20 lbs. or more.

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