How to Fish From Jetties

by Jennifer Gibbons
Jetties are man-made rock formations that protect the shoreline.

Jetties are man-made rock formations that protect the shoreline. Images

Jetties are man-made structures often built with piles of stones. They protect the shoreline from waves during storms and deflect the current. They extend into the water and can double as a fishing pier. Jetty fishing is a great way to target several species of fish at once. If you plan to fish from a jetty, you'll need to bring the right equipment and follow a few guidelines to keep yourself safe.

Items you will need

  • Fishing rod, 7-8'
  • Reel with 15-20 lb. test line
  • Fishing life vest
  • Backpack
  • Shoes with good traction
  • Lures
  • Sinkers or bobbers
Step 1

Gather your equipment and organize it in a backpack for easy access. A tackle box may be cumbersome when fishing from a jetty. Wear a fishing life vest or have a personal flotation device handy.

Step 2

Wear shoes with plenty of traction. The rocks can be slippery and you'll need to be able to keep your footing to avoid being hurt. Shoes with cleats are a good option if the pilings are especially slippery or covered in moss.

Step 3

Use a bank sinker if you plan to bottom-fish to help keep the line from snagging on rocks; 2 oz. is a good starting point but you'll need a heavier sinker if the current is fast.

Step 4

Choose a bobber if you plan on float fishing. The bobber will keep your bait from sinking to the bottom and the current will allow your line to drift, which will attract more fish.

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