How to Fish With Jerk Baits

by Quinn Marshall

Jerk bait is a type of fishing bait designed to be reeled using quick jerking motions, which causes the lure to move in such a way that it resembles a real fish. Larger fish are attracted to jerk bait due to their realistic motions and are more prone to bite due to the urgency with which the bait is moving; the fish doesn't have time to pause to consider whether or not it wants to bite.

Items you will need

  • Jerk bait lure
  • Fishing pole
  • Bait scent
Step 1

Select a jerk bait lure. Choose a small lure if you want to catch smaller fish or a large lure if you're only interested in large fish. Consider the lure's color and choose one that's known to attract the type of fish you're targeting in the season you're fishing. Bass, for example, seem more attracted to the colors white, red and chartreuse during the spring.

Step 2

Tie the lure to your fishing line using a snell knot.

Step 3

Scent the lure with a commercial or homemade fishing scent known to attract the fish you're targeting. Some anglers, for example, believe garlic scents attract bass. Rub the scent onto the lure and part of the fishing line using your finger or a cotton swab.

Step 4

Cast the line. Allow the jerk bait lure to sink for a few seconds, then begin reeling it in slowly using sudden jerking motions. Don't yank it too hard or you may frighten or otherwise lose a nearby fish. Don't reel it in too slowly, however, as you may not attract any fish and the fishing line may become snagged on underwater brush.

Step 5

Cast again and repeat until you catch a fish. Remove the fish, add more scent to the lure and then start again.

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