How to Fish With the Husky Jerk

by Nicole Fotheringham
Add the husky Jerk to your tackle box to ensure a successful fishing trip.

Add the husky Jerk to your tackle box to ensure a successful fishing trip.

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A Husky Jerk is a small, wooden lure made by Rapala. It's designed to mimic small fish to attract bass and other freshwater fish. The lure has to be used in a specific way to achieve best results. The Husky Jerk is a surface "minnow," which will float unless you're reeling it in. The jerky movement is meant to imitate an injured bait fish, which the predator fish find irresistible. This lure is valued for it's unique action.

Items you will need

  • Rod
  • Reel
  • Fishing line
Step 1

Tie the Husky Jerk to the end of your line and cast. The heavier weight of the lure will enable you to cast farther.

Step 2

Crank the reel while you jerk the rod towards you. This should get the minnow to dart towards you. You need to jerk the rod about 12 inches.

Step 3

Release the rod and repeat the movement, jerking the minnow forward another 12 inches. The Husky Jerk has a rattle that creates a commotion when you jerk it, attracting the attention of the target fish.

Step 4

Allow the rod tip to drift up as the line goes slack in between jerks. As you pause for two seconds, the minnow will drift to the side, mimicking an injured fish. This lure's neutrally buoyant suspending action is what makes it unique.

Step 5

Continue this movement of alternating two12-inch jerks and a two-second pause. Reel in when you jerk and let the line go slack when you pause. Once you master the technique, it should bring you much success.

Tips & Warnings

  • The reflective quality of the Husky Jerk works best on sunny days.
  • If you see a fish following the lure, lengthen your pauses to five or six seconds. Most fish will strike on the pause, and a longer pause may be too much for them to resist. This lure is effective for attracting bass, trout and walleyes.

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