How to Fish With Gulp Shrimp

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The Gulp line by Berkley are soft lifelike artificial baits that are not only designed to look like and even move like real creatures when underwater, but have an artificial scent built into them that actually attracts fish. Use Berkley Gulp Shrimp just like live bait. Use Gulp shrimp to catch any bottom feeders by sinking the bait or catch large swimmers by corking the bait and floating it near the surface of the water.

Bottom Fishing

Step 1

Rig a small weight on the bottom of your line, about an inch or so below the hook. Select the weight depending on the depth that you are fishing and the water conditions. Calm waters, like lakes and lagoons, and shallow areas only require minimum weights, while sea fishing and deep water requires heavier equipment.

Step 2

Thread the hook into the body of the Gulp Shrimp. Tear open the body of the bait to release the artificial scent that attracts other fish. Make sure the end of the hook is located in the tail of the fish.

Step 3

Cast out and let the weight hit the bottom of the water. Let the bait sit for a moment and then give it a quick pull so that it jumps up; do this every 30 seconds or so to simulate the jumping of shrimp. The Gulp Shrimp will make lifelike movements as it settles back to the floor and releases scents that attract nearby fish.

Open Water Fishing

Step 1

Tie a popping cork about three feet above your hook.

Step 2

Thread the Gulp Shrimp on your hook. Tear open enough flesh to release scent into the water.

Step 3

Cast out into the open water. How far you want to cast depends on what you're fishing and the water conditions. You do want to give yourself at least thirty feet though so you can reel in for enough time to attract fish to the bait.

Step 4

Keep and eye on the floating cork. Remember that the Gulp Shrimp is floating about three feet beneath it and if there is any kind of wave movement at all, it is making lifelike motions as it bobs up and down. Give the line a quick jump every other minute or so in calmer water conditions to keep the Gulp Shrimp moving and releasing its scent.

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