How to Fish in a Ditch

by Jordan Whitehouse
Head to a ditch to avoid large fishing crowds.

Head to a ditch to avoid large fishing crowds.

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Ditches aren't usually thought of as optimal fishing areas, but when you consider that most are connected to major waterways, like rivers and lakes, you'll quickly realize their fishing potential. Although it may seam strange to some, ditch fishing is nothing new to Americans. It's believed that fishermen from the 1940s and even earlier navigated ditches throughout Florida. The fishing technique is not that different than fishing in larger bodies of water, but you'll have to do some research before you drop your line.

Items you will need

  • 4-inch float
  • Worm

Locating the Ditch

Step 1

Locate a ditch close to its water source, such as a river or a lake, or, if possible, at the intersection of the ditches. The highest traffic of fishes will be in these areas.

Step 2

Measure the depth of the ditch. If it's not at least 4 feet deep, continue searching and measuring until you locate one that is at least 4 feet.

Step 3

Find the area of the ditch that has vegetation or other objects, like large rocks or culverts, in them. These objects allow fish and their predators to hide, which means they will be in abundance in these areas. These objects also offer shade to fish, and the low light can be used by you to ambush the fish.

Ditch-fishing Technique

Step 1

Attach a float to your line that is at maximum 4 inches.

Step 2

Bait your fishing hook with a worm. Worm are naturally found in shallow water areas, making them prime bait.

Step 3

Drop your line in the water, but do so gently to avoid splashing which could disturb the fish. Avoid casting your line as this will also cause a large splash. Fish that inhabit shallow water areas are very wary of predators because there is less area for them to hide.

Step 4

Release your line until the bait is almost touching the bottom of the ditch. Fish inhabit the lower areas of shallow waters.

Step 5

Drag your line slowly along the bottom of the ditch and gently bob the line every few seconds. You don't want to disturb the fish, but you do want to get their attention, so you will have to induce some bait movement.

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