How to Fish for Crayfish With YUM

by Nicole Schmoll

YUM is a brand of soft plastic fish baits used to catch many types of fish. YUM markets a secret attractant on its baits, which it claims fish and shrimp can't resist. The attractant includes shad enzymes and salt that seep out into water once the bait is released or cast. YUM baits appear lifelike, are brightly colored and are used by numerous professional sport fishers. Combine YUM baits with crayfish (or crawfish as they are called in Louisiana) traps to catch these invertebrates.

Items you will need

  • Crayfish (or crawfish) traps
  • YUM baits
Step 1

Select a spot where you know crayfish to be present. Consider marshy locations such as lake edges where tall grass reeds grow, as crayfish like to feed on the decomposing grass and creatures that live in it.

Step 2

Set up a few crayfish traps, which are cages with small openings for crayfish to crawl through in search of bait and become trapped. Place a YUM bait such as the YUM Samurai Shad, YUM baby crawbug, YUM chunk at the rear of each crayfish trap, or simply spray YUM shad attractant on a clump of grass at the rear of the trap.

Step 3

Go to your location at night and place your traps in the water near the tall grass. Leave traps in place overnight and return the next morning to collect your crayfish. Experiment with different types of YUM bait until you find the variety that attracts the most crayfish where you fish for them.