How to Fish for Bull Reds

by Brenda Priddy

Many professional and sport fishermen fish for bull redfish every year as a hobby. The difficulty and challenge of catching the fish is appealing to many fishermen. Since catching the fish can be somewhat difficult, it is best to fish with an experienced fisherman. The right fishing equipment and bait can make all the difference when fishing for bull redfish. Follow all state regulations while fishing.

Items you will need

  • Spinning reel and rod
  • 65 lb. test braided fishing line.
  • Crushed shrimp, crab and fish
  • Bait basket
  • Fresh menhaden, whiting or bluefish
  • 90 lb. snap swivel
  • 90 lb. sinker slider
  • 8/0 circle hook
  • 1 oz. fishing weight
Step 1

Fish between the months of August to November. Redfish come out to spawn in dirty water either in a new or full moon cycle. Dirty, fast-moving water is a haven for bull redfish, and they also love shallow water, such as the areas around sounds and inlets.

Step 2

Fit a spinning reel and rod with 65 lb. fishing line. Add a sinker slider 3 feet above the end of the line. A sinker slider attaches to the line and provides a space to hook the weight that will not interfere with the bait or prevent the fish from biting the bait. Attach a snap swivel just above the sinker slider. Tie a 3-foot leader to leader and tie a 8/0 circle hook at the end of the leader. Attach a 1 oz. weight to the sinker slider.

Step 3

Chop up menhaden, bluefish or whiting for bait. Use chunks about 2 or 3 inches in length. Fill a bait basket with crushed shrimp, crab and pieces of the fish you're using as bait.

Step 4

Throw the bait basket into the water right before casting the line. Cast the line into the water between 10 and 20 feet deep in dirty, fast-moving water.

Step 5

Experiment with adding different baits to the line to see what the bull reds prefer. Try adding chunks of menhaden, whiting or bluefish to the line. If the fish seem uninterested in these baits, take out some of the crushed bait from your bait basket and add some of it to the line to try and tempt the fish.