How to Fish for Bass With a Spinnerbait

by James Clark
Bass are drawn to the buzzing sound of a spinnerbait.

Bass are drawn to the buzzing sound of a spinnerbait.

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A spinnerbait is a type of artificial lure popular for catching many species of freshwater bass, especially largemouth bass, which are drawn to the distinctive buzzing and whirring of the lure as it glides through the water. Spinnerbaits are traditionally formed from a length of wire bent into a V shape with an eyelet at the center point where the lure attaches to the line. One end of the bait may be threaded with colorful glass or plastic beads and small propellers to agitate the water. A hula skrt of rubber strands conceals a hook on the other end.

Step 1

Tie the spinnerbait directly to the end of your line, using the eyelet in the center of the lure to thread the line.

Step 2

Cast the bait toward banks, pier pilings, lily pads and submerged structure such as plants, rock formations and fallen trees.

Step 3

Reel in the bait rapidly, cranking fast for five to six rotations of your reel handle. Pause a second so the spinnerbait can falter in the water, imitating a wounded bait fish, then continue cranking the reel in.

Step 4

Cast to a different spot on the water each time to cover as much area as possible. If you do not get a strike in one area after 20 minutes to half an hour, move to another location on the water.

Tips & Warnings

  • Carry assorted sizes and colors of spinnerbaits in your tacklebox. Select one that most closely matches the size and color of bait fish in the water.

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