How to Fish With Artificial Shrimp

by Colby Stream
Artificial shrimp lures can often mimic the movements of live shrimp.

Artificial shrimp lures can often mimic the movements of live shrimp.

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You might not always have access to live shrimp, either because of location or price. In these circumstances, you can fish with an artificial shrimp as long as the water isn't too muddy. Tying the shrimp to your line correctly and reeling it in correctly, with the right movements, will make the shrimp look alive and attract fish to your line.

Items you will need

  • 30 lb. test line
Step 1

Attach the type of artificial shrimp you want to use to your line. One type of artificial shrimp is factory rigged. This already has a hook and weight in it, which results in a constant and horizontal fall. A second type allows you to put your own hook through the head, better imitating a live shrimp. Other types are also pre-rigged, creating a number of different effects.

Step 2

Tie the artificial shrimp to your leader with a loop knot. Leave about 24 inches for your leader, using about 30 lb. test line. This allows the artificial shrimp to swim naturally, making it look like a live shrimp.

Step 3

Cast and let the shrimp sink to the bottom. Reel slowly until you take up the slack. Once the line is tense, reel as slowly as possible. After about two full revolutions on your wheel, jerk the shrimp slightly. Then continue reeling slowly, repeating the jerking after two revolutions.

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