How to Fish with Artificial Cocahoe Minnow

by Zach Lazzari
The artificial cocahoe also works as a large mullet imitation.

The artificial cocahoe also works as a large mullet imitation.

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The cocahoe or bull minnow is a common baitfish species found in temperate ocean environments. The minnow is abundant in the Gulf of Mexico and is a food source for striped bass, redfish, speckled trout and drum. The artificial versions of the minnow are constructed from soft plastic bodies. The artificial minnows are easy to rig and productive when fish are present. The minnows are especially useful in the grass flats where sport fish chase and attack the smaller baitfish.

Items you will need

  • 2-ounce jig hook
  • Artificial cocohoe minnow
Step 1

Measure the plastic minnow against the side of a jig hook. Align the weight at the head of the minnow.

Step 2

Hook the minnow through the belly, maintaining the position of the weight in front of the head. Push the hook through the entire body and stop when the point becomes visible on the back. The exposed point is necessary to hook the fish.

Step 3

Travel the shallow grass flats and deeper waters where the flats drop into deep ocean. Pole a boat or paddle a kayak until you spot one or more fish.

Step 4

Cast the lure ahead of the fish and let it sink to the same depth as the fish. Snap the rod tip upwards and reel the slack as you lower the tip. Continue the motion until one of the fish attacks the lure.

Step 5

Continue searching and leading fish with the minnow until you are successful. Adjust the pace of the retrieve to a slower version for a wounded imitation and a faster version for a fleeing version of the minnow.

Tips & Warnings

  • Adjust the weight of the jig to compensate for different depths. Use a one-half ounce jig for extreme shallows and upgrade to a four ounce jig for water over 10 feet deep.

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