First & Second Shared Birthday Party Ideas

by Christine LaFleur
Throw a fun party for your one-year-old and two-year-old.

Throw a fun party for your one-year-old and two-year-old.

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If you have two children who were born almost a year apart, you may want to have one party for both of them. Planning one party for two kids will save you money and will save your guests from having to attend two birthday parties in a short span of time. If the party is for a one-year-old and a two-year-old, neither will object to sharing their party with the sibling.

Dora and Diego Theme

If you are planning a party for a little boy and a little girl, try a Dora and Diego birthday party. Dora and Diego are characters from two popular kids' shows on Nickelodeon. Make a treasure map invitation out of brown paper to send to guests. Decorate your party space in jungle colors. Use streamers and balloons. Create a small smash cake just for your one-year-old in the Dora or Diego theme and make cupcakes or a large cake for your two-year-old.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Theme

A Mickey Mouse and Minni Mouse theme would work for a little boy and little girl double birthday party. Make invitations in the shape of Mickey or Minnie's head. Decorate the party space with Mouse and Minnie memorabilia. Dress each child in a shirt with his/her name and a picture of Mickey or Minnie. Make chocolate cupcakes and cover with chocolate icing. Use oreos as ears on each cupcake and make bows for the Minnie cupcakes out of Twizzler peels.

Princess and Pirate Theme

A princess and pirate theme works well for boy and girl siblings. For invitations, decorate one side of a card with a princess image and the other side with a pirate image. For decorations, you could mix and match princess and pirate decorations any way you like. For example, use a pirate-themed tablecloth and princess-themed plates. Create a treasure chest and fill it with tiaras and other play jewels. You could make a sheet cake to complement the invitations, with one side of the cake representing pirates and the other side representing princesses.

Same-Gender Party

If your one-year-old and two-year-old are both girls or both boys then you have an easy job. Choose a boy theme such as trains or cars and go with it. Little girls can have a fairy or princess-themed party. You will only need to buy one set of decorations. To recognize each child, buy two bithday banners with each child's name and age on it. Create two cakes. A larger cake for the older child and a smash cake for the one-year-old.

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