First Birthday Verses for Invitations

by Michelle Foster
A child's first birthday is a milestone that should be celebrated with a memorable invitation.

A child's first birthday is a milestone that should be celebrated with a memorable invitation.

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A child's first birthday is a milestone that is fun to celebrate. The occasion is usually a child's first experience tasting cake. Relatives and friends enjoy watching the child get cake all over himself and everything around him. Get your guests excited about this moment with a memorable invitation.

All About the Cake

Wording that plays upon the child's first taste of cake is, "Come to my party and celebrate a bit. See my first cake, I'll be wearing it." A verse that is appropriate for little girls that also pertains to the cake is, "Have you ever seen a princess wearing a cake? We'll here's your chance, let's see what a cute mess she can make."


There are several playful and amusing ways to write a first birthday party invitation. Try, "One little candle, one little cake, one first year to celebrate," or, "After 12 months of being the baby around here, it's time to invite you to celebrate my fabulous first year." Another verse is, "I'm having a party 'cause I'm turning 1. I hope you can come, 'cause it will be such fun." Two more examples include, "Peek-a-boo! Guess who's one? [child's name here] oh what fun," or, "If Baby [name] could talk, we know he would say ... come join me in celebrating my first birthday."


While a first birthday is a fun celebration, it is also a sentimental time. Sentimental verses that can be used on an invitation include, "We can hardly believe a year has passed, our little girl/boy has grown so fast! So join us for some food and fun, let's celebrate," and, "I learned to laugh and squeal, then sit and stand, and I can walk now if you hold my hand. But the fun has only just begun, look out world, I'm turning 1."


Sometimes, invitations are best when kept short and simple. A few simple invitation phrases include, "Have some cake, join the fun, [child's name] is turning 1," "A year of laughter, a year of fun, join us to celebrate, [child's name]'s turning 1" and, "Please come and join the fun because [child's name] is turning 1." Even more simple examples include, "Oh what fun, I'm turning 1" or, "Hip Hip Hooray! It's [child's name] first birthday."

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